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        Welcome to Diamond Poker Tables !!!           

My name is Tony Bishop and I am the owner/operator of 
Diamond Poker Tables LLC. I specialize in building reversible poker tables with multiple playing surfaces. But I also build traditional and modern style poker tables. 
I take pride in building high quality, heavy-duty poker tables and I do my best to offer them at affordable prices. 


I can build you a poker table in practically any size, shape or style and I can build it with or without 
reversible playing surfaces
My poker table design makes reversible playing surfaces possible 
without sacrificing quality, appearance or the tables structural integrity. 

Before you pay someone thousands to build you that custom poker table that has only 1 setup... consider the benefits of having your dream table designed and built as a reversible poker table with multiple playing surfaces.

Above and below, you can see one of my Chameleon (4 in 1 reversible) custom poker tables. Yes, all of these photos are of this single Chameleon poker table that has 2 different reversible layers built into it, which gives you 
4 different setups from 1 table!!
The black playing surface in the photos is not reversible but it is removable and interchangeable. This surface is called an "insert" and it's a common component of a "racetrack" style table. Prior to my reversible table design swapping out these "inserts" was the only way to change the look of your poker table. But now the entire playing surface, racetrack style or full felt, can be completely changed quickly and easily.

If a "4 in 1" table is more than you need, you may be interested in my Elite 2 in 1 reversible poker tables (2 photos below). I can also build an Elite poker table as a "full felt" style table.


This type of reversible poker table is a concept that I came up with in early 2010 while designing a poker table for myself. The problem I was having is a common one, I couldn't decide which colors and finishes I wanted to use on my poker table. So, I figured out how to build a single poker table with multiple colors and finishes on it.  Problem solved.

I'm confident that with the materials I use to build my poker tables, along with my building process and table design, you'll get a poker table that is built as well or better than the leading competitors, along with the option to incorporate reversible playing surfaces.

Because I build so many reversible tables, I categorize all of the tables that I build based on whether or not they are reversible, and on how many different "setup's" the reversible table has built into it. When it comes to the table shape, size, finishes and colors that I use on it.... that's up to you. 

Take a look at the 4 different categories of tables that I build by clicking on a link below.

Chameleon (4 in 1)  Elite (2 in 1)    
Champion (1 setup)
  Contender  (basic 1 setup)

Purchasing a 
poker table is not just about buying a piece of high quality furniture, but investing in a tasteful, comfortable, timeless playing surface that will last through years of memorable competition.

Wow, what a table! I don't think I can fully express how happy I am with the table I received. All the of the fine detail is incredible. Tony was so easy to work with and he kept me in the loop every step of the way. It was very exciting to receive photos via email every time he got something else completed. He even called me after the table was delivered to make sure everything was shipped and set up properly. I would recommend Tony's custom poker tables to anyone! 
Thanks for everything!!!!" 
- Jake O. in Ohio.

What makes a Diamond poker table special, besides the reversible playing surfaces? Well, it isn't just what you see, it's also the little things that most people don't see. 

For example, m
y custom-made steel bases are designed and built to be EXTREMELY HEAVY-DUTY and will support well over 1000 pounds. They are available with or without footrests and can be painted or powder coated in practically any color. 

All of my poker table tops are made out of 3/4" and 1/2" Grade A maple or birch plywood. Cuts are made by a CNC machine for precision.

 I use marine grade vinyls on my armrests. They are very durable, look great and are available in many colors.

 I use a single piece of 1" thick high density foam for my armrest padding.

 My "suited" and "non-suited" speed cloths have a Teflon coated backing to resist stains.

 My custom cloth layout's are made using a dye sublimation process and are top grade casino quality suede.

 I use 1/8" and 1/4" Volara closed cell foam under my poker cloths.

 I prime, stain or seal all exposed wood surfaces on my tables, even the underside.

 All of my racetracks that have a stained wood finish are protected with 6 coats of clear polyurethane. 

When you combine my poker table tops with my custom-made steel bases you get a poker table that is as solid as a rock and will not flex when leaned on. This level of strength and stability also allows the use of a wood or glass dining top while still maintaining that solid, high quality furniture feel. 

My custom poker tables are built using the highest quality materials available, matched with machine and handmade precision, attention to detail and unparalleled customer service. 

Custom-made, heavy-duty steel base with a footrest and a black powder coat finish. When it comes to table bases it just doesn't get any more sturdy or durable than this. I can paint it or powder coat it in practically any color to match the color of your racetrack or chairs.

My highest quality wooden pedestal style base.
I can stain or paint it in practically any color to match the color of your racetrack or chairs.

Here you can see the attention to detail that is given to the underside of my
 Chameleon , Elite and Champion poker tables. Typically, the underside of my tables are either stained or painted to match the color of the base that is being used.

Custom Poker Layouts

Glass Dining Tops  
3/8" and 1/2" thick tempered glass with a pencil polished edge. Available in 3 diameter sizes for round tables and 1 size for oval tables (44" x 84" x 1/2" thick), all with FREE SHIPPING.
50" diameter is $325, a 54" is $425 and a 60" is $525.

Custom Poker Table Orders

I require a 60% deposit for custom poker table orders. After the table has been built, I will email you photos of the completed table for your approval. The remaining balance owed on the table will need to be paid immediately after you approve these photos. After I receive the final payment I will ship the table to you.

Your custom poker table will be completely custom built so please allow 4-6 weeks for me to build and deliver it to you. At your request during the building process I will keep you updated and I can email or text you pictures of the table as I make progress on it.


Unless you are are in the Phoenix Metro area, I ship all of my tables fully insured via freight shipping.

*When your table arrives, prior to signing off on the bill of lading, the customer is responsible to open the crate and packaging and inspect the table. If there are any damages, please note it on the bill of lading and refuse the table. All tables are insured and must be inspected. I cannot be responsible for any damages that are not noted on the bill of lading when signed off by the customer. Please inspect all items completely. Thank you.

Shipping costs vary by destination. I have 2 types of shipping available.

 Economy Shipping
- Table will be carefully packed in a heavy-duty wooden crate and delivered to your curbside.

 White Glove Service
- Table will be delivered and set up at your home for your convienence. However, my shipper will not carry the table up or down flights of stairs.

 I have many satisfied customers and references available upon request. Please take a look at my
Testimonials page and see what my customers are saying about their
Diamond poker table.

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